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This is where you can get ahold of us in so many different forms:


If you’re looking for a potential sponsorship, contact

Book Sleazy and The Fatman!  Sleazy is a Professional Wrestler, Manager, Backstage Producer, Public Speaker.  Fatman is a Writer, Commentator, and Producer.  Book us for your Podcast convention, for your commentary team, or on your show as guests! All inquiries should go to

Social Media of everyone:

Our Linktree for easy access.  However if you desire separate Social Media handles, they are found below.



  • @SleazyFatman – The Show’s Twitter
  • @TWSSleazy – Sleazy’s Personal Twitter
  • @TWSFatman – Fatman’s Personal Twitter
  • @SportsGuru728 – Chip’s (AKA MAAAAAAAARK) Twiter
  • @LegendaryDietz – Brandon’s Twitter



  • – The Show’s TikTok
  • – Ryan’s personal TikTok

Reddit – a good way to discuss our Articles and topics of Pro Wrestling.  Modded by Ryan and Sleazy

  • Our ???You’ll find out soon enough!
  • Website Affiliations  / Thank yous 
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