The Wrestling Show Hall Of Fame

The Wrestling Show Hall Of Fame Inductees

Rules of Hall of Fame:  Any Hall of Fame Member can induct automatically one person per year, unless it is universally rejected by all TWS Staff Members. Additionally, the Show’s staff members by plurality can vote someone in ( at least 3 of the 5 members must vote yes).


The Fatman was originally inducted in 2018 after a botched joke vote gave him the first official induction into the Hall Of Fame. While he may deserve it, he continues to wield his title around like he owns the place, and attempts to make rules about the Hall of Fame.

JC Money

Dubbed “Mr. Rochester”, John Cimino is many things.  Pro Wrestler and former UPW No Limits Champion, a Rochester Red Wings Fanatic, to a well established Podcaster and Executive Producer of GERE Network, of where The Wrestling Show spent many years.  It’s safe to say without John, The Wrestling Show would not exist today. Technically speaking, we are not sure if John even knows he is in our Hall of Fame.

Fatman’s “The Pencil”

Seriously? We have to induct his pencil? Well, this pencil has been a stalwart at The Wrestling Show since day one, with Fatman constantly dropping it, him writing in his notebooks all of our ratings and whatnot.

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