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The Wrestling Show with Sleazy and The Fatman is classless and raunchy commentary on the wrestling business today. Our multiple hosts, including Brandon Dietz and Ryan Williams give a differing take on news, rumors, reviews and previews of the entirety of the North American and Worldwide Pro Wrestling market. We pull no punches, will shoot at a moments notice, and will say whatever is on our mind!

Notable Guests Include:

  • TJRWrestling.com Owner John Canton
  • Sharpshooter Cast members Tom and Aaron Briggs
  • AEW Referee Bryce Remsburg
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar SUPERCOP Dick Justice
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar, Former Xcite Champion Marc Hauss
  • The man Behind Xcite Wrestling, Jonny Moose
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar Hybrid Sean Carr
  • Pro Wrestling Superstar Mike Skyros
  • Wrestling Announcer Extraordinaire Chris Gullo

Dedication to Wrestling

The Wrestling Show With Sleazy and the Fatman was a joint project started after one of our friends, after listening to us talk about wrestling for hours, joked about starting a podcast.  The show’s first episode became available on November 16, 2012. Currently we have 300 and counting episodes, and many fans from around the world. We (under normal conditions) tape weekly. We have had major wrestling writers and wrestlers on our show, and continue to be a popular show among the wrestling community.


Wrestling manager, computer security wizard, and poker player who has been watching wrestling since the early nineties. Sleazy has been watching wayyyyy too much Independent Wrestling and has become nothing more than a hipster about it. ( photo credit to Mark Griffin Jr)


A WWF/E historian that has been watching and enjoying matches for nearly 30 years. A fear in any WWE Quiz Bowl and any history regarding the Boston Red Sox. Is more about THIS BUSINESS than Triple H could ever be without marrying Stephanie McMahon.

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