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This is the Wrestling Show’s New Website. Thank you for coming along on this journey!

If you have Ideas on what you’d like to see on here, please email us at

If you’d like to get in touch for Sponsorship on either the site, or the show itself, please email us at

Lastly for all media inquiries, including If you’d like Sleazy and the Fatman on your show, please email

And of course, f you haven’t already – please follow us on all of the Social Media sites:

TikTok: @TheWrestlingShow
@SleazyFatman On the Twitterz
@TWSSleazy On the Twitterz
@TWSFatman On the Twitterz
@SportsGURU728 On The Twitterz
@LegendaryDietz On The Twitterz
 @SleazyFatman On Instagram
r/TheWrestlingShow on Reddit

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