Fatman here back again for his LIKED and DISLIKED (Yes, I rebranded it back. Sue Me!!) article. Let’s talk about the 9/28/22 episode of AEW Dynamite from the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



JAS comes out for a pizza party because Jericho won the ROH World Title with Luigi the Pizza Doughboy there because pizza? They ask the fans if they want pizza and the fans of course say yes and JAS is like “No pizza for you!” Then Jericho and Daniel Garcia continue to stupid discuss on which is better, Sports Entertainment or Pro Wrestling. Garcia wants to left JAS and Garcia names of stuff that is “entertaining” like throwing pizza on the ground (YOU MONSTER), punching Luigi and teaming with Justin Roberts. That brings out Bryan Danielson who says that Garcia can do what he wants like trying to manipulate Garcia into joining the Blackpool Combat Club and announcing a tag match between Danielson and Garcia v. Jericho and Sammy Guevara. This went on for FOREVER!! This lead to a match between Danielson and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard. speaking of that match…



The match was solid but uneventful. If Danielson and Garcia are teaming next week, why have Claudio come down near the end of the match to “even the odds”? Why not Garcia? Why was Danielson having trouble with a jobber? Why was this as long as it was? This should have been 5 minutes and not 10. AEW booking at it’s finest.



MJF is announced but Wheeler Yuta comes back and wants to fight MJF. Not for kicking Yuta’s ass on the mic or attacking him with the Dynamite Diamond Ring or even tainting Moxley for weeks, but for attacking Tony Schiavone?? You remember… the attack that Tony 1000% NO SOLD!!! WHAT KIND OF MOTIVE IS THAT?? MJF then comes out, taints Schiavone, makes fun of Philadelphia sports teams, and even mentions how he destroyed Yuta on the mic (Does MJF read this article!?!?!?!?!?). Yuta goes to attack but Gunn Club shows up, MJF leaves, and Gunn Club…says MJF’s catchphrase? But they don’t attack Yuta? That comes into play later and it continues to not make sense.



How Juice Robinson gets a match with the AEW World Champion when there is way more deserving wrestlers who are on the roster is a dislike in itself (I thought wins and loses matter?), but the match was….not good. The crowd wasn’t buying Juice AT ALL. He goes back to his CJ Parker days and tries to MURDER Moxley. Mox gets the predictable win. That brings out Adam Page who gets a Title Shot on the Tuesday edition of Dynamite on October18th. They have a stare down so MJF can say that it doesn’t matter who wins cuz he will be the Champion. Yuta comes from behind and beats down MJF. That makes me question… where was Gunn Club there? If they had his back earlier and DIDN’T kick the shit out of Yuta, why wouldn’t they have MJF’s back here? AEW continues it’s nonsensical booking.



UGH. What exactly is Saraya’s role? Wrestler? Authority Figure? Shit Commentator? She says that she is the revolution and she wants to start a revolution in AEW. She wants “all the women” of AEW to come out. I guess “all the women” are Toni Storm, Athena, Madison Rayne, Skye Blue (who?), and Willow Nightingale. She praises Toni Storm as the best woman on the roster and even Toni Storm is like “ummm….ok?” That leads to Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, Rebel, and Penelope Ford (so not all the women on the roster). Britt makes neck injury jokes and how people don’t know how to say Saraya’s name (WOW SICK BURN BRO). Saraya makes Storm v Deeb (Oh, there is another woman on the roster?) a Lumberjack Match! COOL. Trying to do a “Divas Revolution” in AEW is just so fucking weird. Plus, not having your TBS Champion Jade Cargill in this segment is… even more weird. She 100% should be one of focal points of a segment like this and she’s not even involved was just wrong on so many levels.



Just like Danielson v. Menard, this was solid but uneventful. Also, there was ZERO logic to make this a Lumberjack match other than “revolution”. If this was the beginning of the “revolution”, what changed? This match wasn’t any different from other women’s matches. This was also the only women’s match on the show. If you want to change, put more time and effect into the division. Give the women more than one match on the weekly shows. Is this a good start…NOT AT ALL.



The Acclaimed have a short backstage segment on how they have an open challenge on Rampage. Keith Lee shows up and says that Billy Gunn costed them Titles. Gunn says he has two words for him “Scissor Me”. Then later in the show, Butcher and Blade are having a yelling match with Private Party. Andrade El Idolo tells them to calm down and Jose the Assistant tells Private Party that El Idolo is their boss. Matt Hardy shows up and begs Private Party to take him back. They announce that The Acclaimed with face Butcher and Blade and Private Party on Rampage. Soooooo that open challenge was…..not an open challenge? The booking on this show has been a fucking mess!!



Ricky Starks gets a big win over Powehouse Hobbs then gets a squash over Eli Isam? You couldn’t give Starks a win over someone bigger? I get the whole “momentum” thing but let’s put some more effort into this please.



The only thing I liked on this show was this match but it had it’s flaws. It did go far too long. Shave a few minutes off this and it would have been excellent. I LOVED that Jericho says he is going to beat all the former ROH World Champions. I HATED that Jericho attacked Bobby Cruise after the match. I guess Wheeler Yuta is going to feud with Jericho now that he is the protector of announcers.

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