LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Friday Night Smackdown: Masking the Pain

Fatman here for another edition of LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

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From the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, lets find out what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 10/14/22 episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown!



Smackdown opens with Karrion Kross and Scarlett being in a car accident right outside the arena. Drew McIntyre comes out of nowhere and attacks Kross. Drew tries to MURDER Kross. WWE officials pull Drew off before he goes to jail for life without parole. Karrion Kross was suppose to be in the Fatal Four Way #1 contendership match for the Intercontinental Title later in the show. It’s a safe bet that he won’t make that.



Before his match with Sami Zayn, Kofi mentions how the New Day holds the record for longest tag title reign in WWE history at 483 days. Sami is with Solo and Jey Uso at the gorilla position. Sami says that Solo needs to focus on winning a shot at the IC Title later so Jey is with him. Jimmy isn’t there because he is handling “family business” that Jey knows about but Sami should know about. Sami’s phone rings and it’s Roman Reigns. Roman wants to talk to Jey and Jey looks PISSED. Seems like Jey needs to help Sami win tonight. The match is decent but nothing special. The storyline progression here is that Kofi had Sami rolled up but Jey kicks Kofi to reserve it and Sami wins! Jey helped Sami! What’s great is later in the show, Jey wants Sami to thank in for the win and Sami said he did it all by myself and that Jey needs to give Sami MORE CREDIT than he does. Jey wants Solo to confirm that Jey helped and Solo didn’t see it because he was watching Sami win and learning from him! Jey being exiled out of the Bloodline by Sami Zayn is BRILLANT! But it will most likely end with Sami finally getting Jey’s approval and then Sami getting his ass kicked!


Triple H is shown backstage talking to security (obviously is wasn’t trying to keep Miz safe…JERK) when Rey Mysterio shows up. Rey says that he has been mentally, physically, and emotionally beaten down by his son. He doesn’t want to fight Dom so he is going to quit. HHH says that we can work this out.

Since Kross was nearly decapitated by McIntyre earlier, there needs to be a replacement. Sheamus, Ricochet, and Solo are in the ring, Rey’s music hits! He’s the fourth man! During the action, Michael Cole says that Rey is now officially a member of Smackdown. Not only that, but he wins the match! Rey going from a beaten man on Raw to a contender on Smackdown is great! It puts over the Judgment Day without them even being there! GUNTHER v. Rey is an interesting match up.



Having Braun Strowman and Omos playing the game of “Can you top this?” but destroying jobbers is…kind of fun. But holy shit, Braun BARELY got a guy who weighs less than a 5 year old up for a powerbomb is sooooo weird. Did he sandbag Braun? Why didn’t Braun just dismantle him after that? Professional Braun Strowman people!



Roxanne Perez is facing Cora Jade at Halloween Havoc. Before that, they get to pick each others opponents for matches on NXT. Roxanne picks Raquel Rodriguez. That pisses off Bayley. She questions why Roxanne didn’t pick her. Roxanne was being super honest by saying that Bayley was on a losing streak. That leads to a trios match between Damage Control v. Roxanne, Raquel, and Shotzi. The match wasn’t bad. It really showcased Roxanne. Last year, she was the ROH Women’s Champion. Now, she is holding her own against Bayley. She took the L but she looked great doing it. More Roxanne please!



LA Knight getting a win over Mansoor then turning heel on the crowd was…dumb. You spent WEEKS turning Max Dupri back into LA Knight (while the crowd cheered it), only to turn him heel again? I have personally worked with LA Knight and he is a natural heel 100%. But the crowd does NOT want to boo him. You might as well just had him be with the Models with the LA Knight gimmick if you were going to do that.



Legado Del Fantasma beating Hit Row while using the “Numbers Game” was the right call. Zelina is money as the manager who lights a fire under her clients asses. Fantasma should be getting pushed big time!



Sonya Deville is getting interviewed backstage. She is talking trash about how Liv Morgan had one chance to prove to everyone that she deserved to be Women’s Champion and she failed. Liv attacks from behind, beats the shit out of Deville, and senton’s her threw a table. COOL. I’m not sure where they are going with Liv but (to me) it’s not off to a good start.



Bray Wyatt returns and cuts a promo as….Windham Rotunda? He says that he was nervous to talk to the people. He lost his career, two people close to him, and that he thought he was meaningless. But he was wrong. He’s not meaningless. People walked up to him and told him how much they appreciated him and his words. Then the masked figure from Extreme Rules showed up and said that they don’t know who they are dealing with…but they will! Smackdown goes off the air. I liked it because having Bray Wyatt be “himself” is the most strange thing you can do at this point. It’s totally different from the past Bray Wyatt stuff so it’s fresh.


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