LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw: Brooklyn Nights – The Ballad of Bobby Lashley

Fatman here with this week’s LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw. This was the “Season Premiere” of Raw from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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Now, let’s get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw!



This weeks Raw has a cold open where DX is asking if they are ready. They saw Triple H in glasses and a headset. HHH says that he has a show to run and sponsors so don’t say any bad words. Of course this leads to Road Dogg saying “Penis” and everyone swearing (which was censored out). Shawn says “Four Cocks” and they show four plastic chickens. HH grabs one and Shawn says he’s “Choking his chicken”. Triple H told them “No fighting” which is clearly a jab to AEW.

DX ends to show with their 25 year celebration. It was…there? They did their normal stuff. They got their shit in, thanked the audience, and that was that. This one is probably on me, but I expected more. Like a Spirit Squad reunion just to get their ass kicked. Not necessarily that but something like that, you know? Plus, having DX on they show when they censored the crowd was strange and took away from their impact in my eyes.



Raw officially opened with The Bloodline. Roman says that he looks forward but he can’t get past last Friday night. He says that he was taught that if you are the loudest, you are the weakest. He asks Jey if he was a fool. Sami interrupts to a HUGE pop. He says that Jey isn’t Roman’s problem, he is Sami’s problem. Sami says that they all love him but he hasn’t been “ucey” lately. He says that everyone is cool and Jey needs to be cool also. Jey asks Roman if this is a joke. Before Roman can answer, Matt Riddle comes down. Riddle mentions that he can’t face Roman for the title due to a contract clause (which about 99% of the people, INCLUDING ME, 100% forgot about!) but he’s like “Bro…COME ON” Roman is like “NAH”. Jey tells Sami to step up since he is The #2″. Sami says “yeet”, so Riddle says it. Sami says that only the Bloodline can say it so Riddle says it because he’s high all the time and he just doesn’t care. Jey asks Sami if he will let Riddle disrespect them like that. That leads to a match later.

Roman is leaving the arena with Heyman and Solo to get Solo laid? Roman says that Jey better help Sami win.

Riddle and Zayn have the match of the night to the surprise of no one. During the match, Jey goes to help Sami but Sami doesn’t want help. So when Sami wants the help, Jey doesn’t and Riddle gets the win. This storyline has been great and I’m interested in seeing where it’s going to go.



Gargano v. Theory was what it needed to be. A good match that puts Gargano over clean. I bitch and complain about how WWE books their Money in the Bank winners as losers so when they do win the title, they don’t seem credible. In this case, it was what was needed. Now lets move Theory onto a feud where he can get some wins.



Rey Mysterio has a decent little match with Chad Gable. During the match, Rhea and Dom come down. Rey gets the clean win. After the match, Dom gets in the ring. Rey goes to leave but Rhea is on the apron. Dom wants Rey to hit him but Rey won’t. Dom shoves him and slaps him. The rest of Judgment Day comes down and Rey fights them off. The fans are booing Dom HARD. Rey won’t hit his son so his son forearms him and Rhea holds Rey for the 619. This feud has been another slow build but the fans are buying into it hardcore. I honestly think Dom got the biggest heel heat on this show.

After that, Judgment Day is in the ring bragging about making Edge say “I-Quit” at Extreme Rules. Rhea brags about taking out Beth Phoenix which made Dom cum? AWKWARD. Finn Balor says he has an ultimatum for AJ Styles. Styles comes out and says he’s not here to argue. He says that Balor was right. Styles said that everything he needs was right in front of him and that he is his “brother’s keeper”. Styles hugs Balor but says that he wasn’t talking about him. That brings out LUKE GALLOWS AND KARL ANDERSON and they fight the Judgment Day. I guess that wasn’t the “Club” that Balor wanted. It’s nice to see The OC back in WWE after their stellar run in Impact. Another interesting note is that Anderson is the current NEVER Openweight Champion. I’m assuming they wont mention it on WWE TV and that he will drop it soon enough.



Bayley does an interview where she doesn’t say anything but Dakota Kai and IO SKY says that they would do anything for Bayley.

Bayley faces Candice LeRae and they have an ok match (for a house show) where Candice puts up the victory. Damage Control comes down and beats up LeRae. Bianca Belair comes down and she gets her ass kicked. Bayley took the lose but got her heat back. The lose doesn’t mean much for her but the win means a ton for LeRae. Good booking.



You surprised that I hated this? This was soooo bad! The gifts that Maryse give the Miz are a baseball bat (signed by Jose Ramirez) and two giant balls with the Miz’ face on them. COOL. Miz goes to pick up a gift and Voldemort’s face is shown. Miz beats his gifts with his bat, Lumis comes from behind and chokes out the Miz. Miz gets out of it and runs to the back? Wait, so Lumis chokes him out in like 5 seconds but when he has the Miz in the choke for like 2 minutes, Miz can run away? UGH.

The sad part is that this doesn’t end it. Miz runs up to DX who are hyping up two jobbers for their match against Omos later (Spoiler: They get their assed KICKED). He asks them where Triple H is. Shawn Michaels says that he knows Lumis and he’s a good guy so Miz had to have done something to him to set him off?!?!? Road Dogg says that next week it will be Lumis v Miz. If Miz wins, Lumis is gone. If Lumis wins, he gets a contract? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK? So they let Lumis terrorize Miz FOR MONTHS but if he beats Lumis in a match, he is suddenly gone? You know, not like call the cops for breaking and entering and assault!! If the end game to his whole thing is Lumis gets a contract, I’m going to flip the fuck out! Why? Cause if HBK knows Lumis, why doesn’t he just give him a contract? It’s not like he isn’t best friends with the guy who runs the fucking company?? THIS IS SOME AEW BOOKING SHIT RIGHT HERE!!!



Before defending his US Title against Seth “Freakin” Rolling, Lashley takes the mic. He said that he is a fighting champion. He has beaten everyone from Drew McIntyre, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar. Well, Lesnar must have heard that from his farm in Canada and teleported straight to the Barclays Center (dressed like he came from his farm and calling Bobby Lashley like they called Ricky Bobby in Talladega Night) to kick the shit out of Lashley. Rollins comes down and talks Lashley into a match where Rollins wins in 3 minutes. Rollins is the US Champ and Lashley gets a feud with Lesnar.

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