LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Smackdown: Hot Headed

Fatman here with another LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Smackdown. This time from the 10/7/22 episode from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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We also have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. Now, lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from WWE Smackdown!



Smackdown opens with Triple H welcoming us to FOX and Smackdown and…that’s it? Like, cool? I’m wondering if that wasn’t a directive from FOX executives because that just seemed like a waste.



I’m going to lump all The Bloodline segments together. They come out and asks Worcester to acknowledge Reigns. Logan Paul comes out and its run down by Paul Heyman. Heymans asks “Who the hell is Logan Paul”? Paul is just here to be the Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper. A “celebrity” to bring more eyes on the product. Paul is just a male Kardashian who is going to get smashed by Reigns. Heyman says that Paul has the balls to step up to face Reigns. Logan Paul finally speaks and asks who the real tribal chief is. Roman Reigns or Jey Uso? That leads to Sami Zayn to keep the peace.

Solo Sikoa has a match with Ricochet which was fine. It served it’s purpose of of keeping Sikoa looking like a beast. After the match, Sami is gloating how Solo is winning and he took Solo under his wing. Jey Uso is not happy about that saying that Solo is his brother. Sami tries to calm Jey down and calls Jey a “hot head”. Jey takes exception of that. Roman actually agrees with Sami. Roman says that Jey has been a hothead this whole life and it’s not his problem anymore…it’s SAMI’S! That brings a new wrinkle into this that I like.

The New Day laugh at Jey Uso for having to take orders from “Sam Zayn”. This pisses off Jey so Sami tries to calm him down. Sami then becomes the hot head and tells to New Day to find a partner to face the three of them. The New Day find BRAUN STROWMAN to be their partner. The match was heavy on story with Jey and Sami arguing with each other throughout that ends up causes Jimmy to take the lose. It’s going to be interesting to see where they go with this.



Hit Row comes down for a match but gets attacked by three men in Lucha masks. B-Fab comes into the ring but she gets attacked by a returning Zelina Vega! The three men unmask and it’s Legado del Fantasma. They say that Smackdown is their and to be safe. I’m so ready for this! Zelina was at her best as a manager. This pairing is perfect. Fantasma are so talented and they are going to shine on Smackdown.



The women’s tag match between Sonya Deville & Xia LI and Raquel Rodriguez & Shoti was not good. These teams were thrown together and this match was a throw away. They need to do better on Smackdown to focus on a better women’s tag team division. If only there wasn’t a team just sitting at home who would immediately upgrade the division.



Karrion Kross and the wonderful Scarlett come down. Drew McIntyre attacks from behind. Security tries to separate them but Drew beats them down because there is nothing more pathetic than WWE Security. Kross takes advantage and whips the shit out of Drew. It was effective on building to the Strap Match but I don’t know. I just wasn’t feeling it. So I’ll give it a questionable like.



Maximum Male Models are shown knocked down. Maxxine calls Max….Max? Max says that’s not his name. His name is….LA KNIGHT. I like that LA Knight is back. The modeling agent gimmick wasn’t him. However, getting pissed off at models who are being models while your gimmick was a modeling agent just doesn’t make any sense. They could have done it differently that made a little more sense. They went with this so it is what it is. The end result is the same. LA KNIGHT IS BACK.



GUNTHER v. Sheamus was great as expected. Almost everyone thought their Clash at the Castle match was 5 stars and Match of the Year. I honestly don’t see it. This match wasn’t as good as that match but it built up their Extreme Rules match. GUNTHER tapping out and the ref somehow transforming into an AEW ref was soooo weird! Was it intentional? Was it a mistake? If it was a mistake…ok? If it was intentional….WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? It doesn’t look like Sheamus got screwed, it looked like the ref was incompetent. Either way, it will lead to a 3rd match between these two with Sheamus finally winning the Intercontinental Championship.

That’s my LIKED and DISLIKED from this weeks WWE Smackdown.


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