End Of An Era: Thank you to GERE Network

I feel like I need to address this in a longer form than just quickly talking about it on the show, because it deserves more than a passing moment.

About four years ago, I contacted John Cimino, AKA fellow Rochester NY native JC Money about becoming apart of his podcast network.  While we never really knew each other ( we had a ton of mutual friends through the Upstate NY Wrestling community) I knew of the GERE Network through Marc Hauss, my trainer and friend. Marc had the beginnings of the podcast The Hauss Call on there, and I found it to be a great group of guys to partner with.  Thankfully, John accepted us and we were off to the races.  Over the next four years we grew as a podcast and GERE as a network, including podcast conventions, multiple live shows, format changes, guest stars, and even people leaving and coming back to The Wrestling Show.

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of The Wrestling Show, it would be crazy not to acknowledge the effect and influence GERE Network and JC himself has had on our show.  We have worked hard to become a bigger and more polished production, and it is a huge thanks to John for giving us that platform to be who we are today.  Just before we signed on to GERE, Fatman and I were considering wrapping up the show permanently.  John gave us the fresh breath of life that we desperately needed to keep going.

So, the big question is: why are we leaving?  In short, it boils down to two things: opportunities and risk taking.  We are nothing on The Wrestling Show if we are not risk takers. We have chosen to go a completely different path from where we are now – including a new Patreon, new content, new merch, new website and articles, even a new logo that has been trickling its way into all of our media.  We have been going into new avenues with our show, including streaming on Twitch, and we have signed on to PodBean for our content distribution. We are going all in on this.  We need your support, but we will be striving to give you the best content that we can give.  Whether it is live shows, premium content, articles and news, or just random funny stuff, we can only guarantee one thing – our intent is to entertain you all.

In short: GERE Network and JC Money – John Cimino – from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.  We all thank you here at The Wrestling Show.

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