LIkes and Dislikes for WWE Raw 11/28/22

Welcome back to this week’s LIked and Disliked for Monday Night Raw, hosted at Norfolk Virginia.

I am Sleazy, standing in for Fatman for a while.  I don’t normally watch the product, so forgive the whining and the love of Asian workers on the show. LET’S GET STARTED!


LIKED: Fuck Bob.

The Four horsewomen are always amazing when they are paired up with each other.  I loved both promos of Bayley and Becky, and the cunning of Becky to get out of danger here.  My thing is that how are we going to address the fact that Becks and Bayley don’t have a title to fight over?  It’s like Bianca is already starting to become the third wheel in this feud.


DISLIKED: Women’s matches that needed more time

I liked where it was going with 미친 ( Yeah I’m going with that) and Rhea, but he quick No contest was a meh finish. at least we got…

LIKED: WarGames! But not.

I don’t care, I’ll still be bitter that this wasn’t a WarGames match at Survivor Series. That being said we got a proxy version of this with the 8 man tag.  It was fine, and having Judgement Day win here was desperately needed.

LIKED: We are destined to do this forever…

Obviously anything that includes a Kevin Owens promo, especially working with Zayn, is going to be gold. I like the setup for Main Event Jey and KO to go at it, and I really enjoyed the line they are really going with all of this.  I really wonder how they are going to make this run this course?  Does Sami turn on the Bloodline? Does the Bloodline run through Sami at the first drop they can? I don’t know , and I love the fact I don’t know.

DISLIKED: Backstage Promo Parade

Candice talks about Dakota, and i frankly don’t care.  It’s strange to say that with one of the greatest female indy talents in years.  Maybe it is that she hasn’t had enough main roster time, but she just seems like no one cares about her.  Speaking of people no one cares about, Why do we care about Riddle and Elias teaming up?  It’s been a rumor that Orton had spinal surgery, so he’ll be out for a long time, but this is what you have for Riddle? Bloodline shows up and punks them out. To quote Fatman, “meh”.



This was a great showcase for the return of the Street Profits and once again Gable doing Yeoman’s work in getting them over hardcore.  Alpha Academy is going to be one of those teams that will not be well remembered but they deserve to be talked about in terms of one of the best tag teams in the current roster.

 LIKED: The Now and Forever of WWE

The 180 that has happened with Theory I feel was completed at Survivor Series, but the promo here with Seth really just proves how far he has come in the last three months.  It feels natural and it feels real.  it’s hard to do that at such a young age, I’m glad that they have thrown some real talent to work with him in Seth.



The match wasn’t great, but we can finally put all of this to bed now, right? I was afraid that they would have a hard time paying all of this off, but this was the dumbest conclusion to an angle that was so dumb that I am sure i lost brain cells.

LIKED: At least the match was great

Candice and Dakota can go, obviously.  The match was a good showcase for Candice, but why was Dakota the scapegoat on this? She is a champion on the brand, and while it’s only the tag champs, they couldn’t find another woman to take a loss here?

LIKED: Main Event Kevin Owens

Obviously, I’m going to love something like this.  Despite all the gaga, I liked how they went with this. KO having to be smart to win, and Jey missing a splash while everyone else was tied up with the ref was really good finish and still makes everyone look relatively strong.


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