LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw: A Night of Distractions

Fatman here with another edition of what I LIKED and DISLIKED from this weeks WWE Monday Night Raw from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Shameless plugging aside, lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 10/24/22 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw!
The Judgment Day opens Raw and they all praise Dom’s win last week against AJ Styles. Rhea says that AJ now knows what she already knows and that is Dom is all man. Dom says that he is this generations Eddie Guerrero. Actually, he says that Eddie was last generations Dom Mysterio. That got MASSIVE HEAT. That brings out The OC and leads to a match between Karl Anderson and Finn Balor. The match was just surprisingly ok (for a house show). It felt like they were just going through the motions until they get to a brawl between the two groups. Rhea even bodyslams Gallows! Dom distracts the ref while leads to Rhea lowblowing Anderson for the win.
Later in the show they show The OC in the back with Anderson icing his nuts. The OC say that they have a Rhea problem. Gallows says that he’s great with women and goes off to “deal with her”. He comes back and he needs to ice his balls! This will lead to the OC finding a female to deal with Rhea. I honestly have no clue who they will get to help with her.
Miz walks up to Johnny Gargano backstage and asks what he knows about this secret. Johnny questions why Miz wants to know. Miz gets pissed and walks to the ring. Miz tells the truth. Miz says that Lumis has been stalking him, kidnapping him, and attacking him. He says that the reason why is that Lumis has attacked him is because of his mind. Lumis is jealous that Miz took Tommaso Ciampa under his wing and Miz says that we haven’t even seen Ciampa. Gargano comes out and says that he just texted Ciampa and he’s injured and that’s why he hasn’t been around. Gargano says that he has the whistle and he will blow it if Miz doesn’t tell the truth. Miz says that he has been telling the truth. That brings out… R-Truth. Truth says tell him what? HAHA get it? Tell the Truth. That’s funny. Miz looks confused. That leads to a match between Truth and Miz. Miz sees Lumis in a hoodie and calls for security. Truth gets the distraction ROLLUP OF DEATH win. The hoodie man pulls the hood back and it’s Johnny Gargano. Miz looked pissed.
Gargano has a run in with JBL and Baron Corbin backstage which leads to a meh match with Gargano stealing JBL’s hat, JBL getting pissed and interfering, and Corbin getting the win. After that match Miz walks up to Gargano and says that they need to put this behind them. Gargano says that if Miz doesn’t tell the truth not week, he will. I’m liking this storyline progression. It went from stupid attacks to an actual motive. Now, pay it off. Hopefully it’s not a stupid ass reason.
Candice LeRae is doing an interview when Damage Control interrupts and attacks her. Later in the show, Bianca Belair said that it’s not fair to her friends that they keep getting attacked by Damage Control. Belair says that this isn’t about championships anymore. It’s about payback. The match between the Bayley and Belair is good but a surprising return happened during this match. Damage Control interferes and the ref is about to throw them out when someone runs off the top onto Kai, Sky, and the ref. Then the person attacks Belair and it’s NIKKI CROSS. Bayley gets the win and after the match, Cross attacks Bayley. Interesting to interject Cross into this feud. I’m curious as to where it goes.
Elias runs into Matt Riddle backstage with his “bongs”. Elias doesn’t like to be interrupted so Chad Gable shows up and “Shoosh” the shit out of him. Elias isn’t happy so that leads to a match. The match was…not good. Elias has clear ring rust. His timing was off and he was sloppy. When Chad Gable couldn’t get a good match out of you, you need to work more house shows. Otis attacks after Elias gets the win. That brings out Matt Riddle to make the save. I honestly think it’s a waste of Riddle’s talent to be with Elias. If this doesn’t end with Randy Orton coming back and being the lead singer of their band, I don’t even know what they are doing.
Mustafa Ali v. Austin Theory was…I don’t know. I wanted it to be good. I’m not sure it was. Seth Rollins was doing commentary and the crowd would rather sing his song and chant for him than pay attention to this. Ali didn’t get ANY reaction at all. Theory gets the win from this week’s theme of distraction finishes. Rollins throws Ali out of the ringside area. I don’t know. I like Ali and I think he is uber talented but the crowd couldn’t care less about him.
Omos went 4-on-1 against dollar store Nexus and destroys them. I hope Strowman went to the clearance rack and finds 50% off nWo to face on Smackdown.
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