Retrospective: What I felt 9 years ago…

Below is the original article I had posted for our 1 year anniversary on our old blog, refreshed for new eyes to see.  I think it gives a good representation as we look back from where this show came from.  Enjoy!

I can’t believe it.  One year since we started The Wrestling Show.

The Fatman and I go back a long ways, and he did a great job of telling you his side of the early days.  I had some different experiences in my life that brought me down this path of wrestling.  WAY back in 1990-1992 My father and I used to watch morning wrestling.  Classic WWF stuff.  In the beginning of 1992, my parents got me a gift for my birthday: the 1992 Royal Rumble.  The bar had been set, and I had been hooked from that day on.

I kept watching wrestling throughout the 1990s and during the Monday night Wars era, WWF got too much of the “Women Bullshit” as my father said. So I sought out another company, I found Nitro, and WCW.  I also watched this little bingo hall promotion  (which if my father ever had seen that, he would not have allowed me to watch that either) ECW.  Even throughout all of this I was still lucky enough to catch bits and pieces of RAW and became a HUGE fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  I remember seeing him on that ECW show!

Fatman does a great job of telling how we first met, but he didn’t tell how we were accused of starting a gang. in 1997-1998, we were really enjoying Austin, and we formed a group that really enjoyed his wrestling. We called it Stone Cold University, and we were not badass.  Just a few wrestling nerds talking about wrestling.  Well, another group of kids saw what we were doing and chose to create a second group dedicated to Degeneration X. We had our healthy debate about it, but as nerds, we weren’t brawling over who was better.  Well two weeks later we were pulled into the principal’s office and asked why were were perpetuating gang activity in the school.  WHAT??? We live in rural part of New York State, and these idiots think we are a week away from popping caps in other kids asses.  Even after our parents were called my mother and father were both joked about it, their son the gang member.

In May of 2000, My father died.  He was a big influence in my life when it came to wrestling and working hard to get to where you want in life.  My father left me some money to go to a wrestling show live, something he wanted to do but just couldn’t due to bladder cancer. In October 2000, I went to a Smackdown taping to honor his wish.  This was my First show I had ever gone to, and actually I found a link recently of that show.(Ed. Note – The Youtube Video has been taken down, likely due to the fact that WWE now puts that stuff on The Network.  It was the November 2nd, 2000 Smackdown): 

The Fatman and I were absolutely enthralled with wrestling coming out of the Attitude Era,  My favorite promotions had died but they were showing up on my screen in WWF, so I went back to the product that originally piqued my interest.  This was also around the time that the internet became a little more pronounced.  I found this little known site called and was hooked into the internet wrestling community.  I’m a computer geek by trade, so it was not unheard of me going to the library and spending as much time as possible on the internet talking and listening to wrestling nerds, like The Fatman and myself, talk about this wonderful era of sport.  It’s when I started to be in contact with John Canton, back when he was with the Oratory and ( back then it was

Fast forward so many years.  I play poker as well, and I did a lot of playing over the years, but Wrestling was always in my blood.  Fatman and I would constantly talk about wrestling, and I recall one day we spent 7 hours talking about wrestling in my front yard.  Hence that was part of how The Wrestling Show was born.  We had started to train to become wrestlers with our local promotion, but Fatman broke his back doing a handstand bump and that was pretty much the end of it.  ( I still may walk back into a ring, though, and continue my training.)

We’ve told the story before (Which Can be found HERE ) on how The Wrestling Show was started and The Fatman has told about our exploits on the making and the times of the Show. So I will tell a piece of the future.  We are in the process of upgrading Microphones, and expanding our reach.  We will also be looking into a brand new domain for the Show, and a whole new vision for a new life of The Wrestling Show, and potentially a more expanded audience for us.  We aren’t leaving anytime soon, and we are ready to head into many more years of The Wrestling Show!

To The Fatman,  Fuck man!  When we started this, I never thought we would have ever made it a year of this show. You and I have been friends for almost two decades now. I consider you my best friend, not just in Wrestling, but in life. We made this happen, and we have so much farther to go with this. Heh, Look what we created already! Not bad for two assholes on a three dollar mic talking about a made up sport.

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