LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw: The Theory Of It All

Fatman here with another edition for LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw.

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Shameless plugs aside, lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 11/14/22 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky!
Raw opens with Seth Rollins coming out to cut a promo. Rollins says that the United States Title is the top prize on Monday Nights because of him. Bobby Lashley comes out and says that he turned Theory into a punchline. Rollins said that instead of having a match with last week, Lashley wants to take his soul. Mustafa Ali comes out with a ref and wants a match with Lashley. The match was what it was. Lashley dominating with Ali showing his “fighting spirit”. Lashley wins with the Hurt Lock while Ali didn’t give up.
Rollins defends the US Title in the main event against Finn Balor. The match was good but surprisingly underwhelming. The last 5 minutes were good but they were just phoning it in until then. Rollins retains when the OC brawls with the Judgment Day. Styles gives Balor a taste of his own medicine and costs him the title. That sets up Styles v Balor at Survivor Series. I’ll get to what happened post match later.
Mia Yim beats A Murderer’s Daughter Tamina in 2 minutes. COOL. After the match, Rhea teases a fight but backs off. Damage Control wants Mia Yim to join them in Wargames. Yim says she’ll think about it.
IO SKY squashes Dana Brooke. Yim shows up and says that she thought about it and she found her team. Bianca, Asuka, and Alexa (mmm) show up so Yim will be joining them in Wargames. Rhea comes up to Damage Control backstage and wants to be on their team if Yim is on the other team. So the heel team is set while the face team needs one more member. Next week, they will have a match to see who gets the advantage in Wargames. SPOILER: ITS THE HEEL TEAM.
Matt Riddle v Chad Gable was good because of course it was. Gable getting the win (with the help of Otis) was the right call. Just like week with Otis beating Elias, these guys need wins to stay credible.
Corbin is shown playing poker with some random guy. The guy loses his money to Corbin. Akira Tozawa shows up and wants to play but doesn’t know how. If you have ever played poker, you know that the guy who doesn’t know how to play always wins. Tozawa takes all of Corbin’s money. Corbin tries to cheat in the dumbest way possible. Tozawa wants a match with Corbin. Corbin squashes him in like 4 minutes. Like a said last week, the quality of opponents have gone down week to week. If they are going to keep doing this, the end game better be Barry Horowitz coming back and beating Corbin.
*FACEPALM* The Miz comes down for Miz TV dressed as Mr. Rodgers. Miz says that he asked little of Lumis but Dexter kept taking from him with no end in sight. Miz said he was putting on a performance for Hollywood. Miz said that he was home depressed all weekend because…??? Johnny Gargano comes down and says that Miz was in Cabo with his family last weekend. Gargano says that Miz stopped paying Lumis because it was easier than telling the truth. WHAT?!?!?!? Gargano says that he talks to WWE officials and they made a match for two weeks. Miz v Lumis. If Lumis wins, he gets the money Miz owes him and a WWE contract. Miz says that Lumis won’t get money or a contract. Gargano told Miz to tell Lumis himself. Lumis was dressed as a camera man and Miz runs up the ramp to get away.
This story is just so fucking ridiculously stupid. First is was Miz was paying Lumis because Lumis lost his job and wanted to get attacked because that is what celebrities do (UM…???). Miz stopped paying him because it was going too far and the cops were getting involved. That seems like a logical excuse to stop doing it. BUT, Lumis continues to attack him. WHY WOULD THE MIZ STILL PAY HIM??? ALSO, IF THE COPS WERE GETTING INVOLVED, THEY JUST CONTINUED TO LET LUMIS ATTACK HIM BECAUSE…??? Now it’s, Miz stopped paying Lumis because it was easier than telling the truth? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? DO THE WRITERS ACTUALLY WATCH THEIR OWN FUCKING PRODUCT?!?!?!? The ONLY silver lining is that this sorry ass excuse for a storyline will end in two weeks and will stop giving me headaches for trying to make sense of this shit.
Quick one here. Dominik Mysterio gets a squash win over Shelton Benjamin due to the Judgment Day special…THE NUMBERS GAME. Why do people keep taking matches against them without backup? Just look at what the OC is doing. GOD
Austin Theory is interviewed backstage. He said that no one gets him and they don’t know the full story. Theory said he became the face of the franchise. He said that he tried to cash in on Reigns twice but Lesnar was there the first time and Tyson Fury was there the next time. He said that if he tried to cash in again, the Bloodline was going to be there. So he cashed in on Seth Rollins and the US Title. He said if it wasn’t for Lashley, he would have win. He said that he hasn’t felt more alive after last week. He said that if the people think he failed last week, they are wrong. Dolph Ziggler showed up and tried to take Theory under his wing but Theory wouldn’t listen to him. Theory said he is sick of being called a kid and that his is not the future but the now. Theory wants to face Ziggler in a match.
Now before I get to that match, I want to touch on that promo by Theory. While I still think it was absolutely stupid to cash in on the US Title for multiple reasons. Like the fact that he only tried to cash in on Reigns twice and the Bloodline had nothing to do with stopping him from cashing in. Plus, he only had Money in the Bank for a few months. He could have waiting to cash in when Reigns was a bit more vulnerable or when someone else beats Reigns. HOWEVER, the explanation for cashing in on Rollins kind of make sense. The Bloodline will ALWAYS have Reigns back so why not cash in on a vulnerable US Champ. I kind of get it.
The match between Theory and Ziggler started really slow but it ended the way it should have. Theory just goes ape shit and DESTROYS Ziggler before WWE officials comes down and push Theory away.
After the Rollins match, Theory comes back and DESTORYS Rollins. This is the ONLY way to make Theory look like a threat after making him look like a goober last week. I highly doubt this was the plan (since Crown Jewel). I think WWE heard the backlash and changed direction. Good for them for actually listening.
This week’s Raw was honestly kind of boring but it moved some stories forward which is all you really want to see.
If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment below and as always…THANKS FOR READING!!!

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