Time for another Smackdown Like/Dislike YEAH!!!

Hello Sorry its so late getting out been really hectic at work but since I had two days off I was finally able to get caught up on Smackdown from the past two weeks.


Liked-  Since Drew could not wrestle Sheamus tabbed his psychotic brawling Brutes Brother in Butch.  Reminds me of a Delancy Brother In the Newsies, LOL, just the way he dresses and acts and I love it.  The match was good as expected I love the fact that they are giving Butch TV time.  Great story telling as this has been a back and forth story between the Brawling Brutes and the Uso’s, Of course the Uso’s won but I as a fan am really enjoying this story angle.


Loved-  I am loving LA Knight Right now YEAH!!!! He is owning everyone one of hi promos that he his doing with the Bray Wyatt Angle.  This time he is so adamant that its been Bray that has been jumping him from behind.  Not so fast my friend.  He goes in to a room and sees a Bray Wyatt Shirt hanging, then the lights go out and when he turns his flashlight on Its Uncle Howdy, and the crowd goes wild as it should as Bray has screwed with LA knights mind once again.


Disliked – The Tag team triple threat match out of no where, ummmm why are we even doing this, why is hit row back, such a horrible botch by the Former Washington Redskin from Baltimore MD.  It was an atrocious match this seemed like a Khan booking trying to get everyone on the show.


Loved- Contract signing between Gunther and Ricochet, of course it was a set up for the next match but it was fun to see the new day and Ricochet go comedic on Imperium.


Loved- The match that ensued was great, New Day and Imperium were really good as always and just adding Gunther and Ricochet made me give it the Chef’s Kiss.


OK  for a house show- Morgan and Nox Vs Rousey and Baesler, Normally not a fan of anything that these women touch this was a decent back and forth did not really like the Gonzalez part but it caused the distraction so that Nox could hit that beautiful Shining Wizard.


Loved- Loved the Angle ( pun Intended ) for Kurt’s Birthday Celebration, the Milk Truck call back with Gable Steveson was a great throwback, but I think the best part other than seeing the Alpha Academy sprayed with milk has to be all the Puns Michael Cole was doing.  It was Utterly Hilarious.

Thanks again for reading my article on my Likes and Dislikes for Smackdown on 12/9.  Everyone be safe have A happy holiday, Merry Christmas and a happy new years



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