AEW Rampage Likes and Dislikes

What I liked about AEW Rampage

So with Full Gear being in NJ tonight why not have Rampage be from the same arena. So this episode comes live from the Rock, or the Prudential Arena.

Disliked: the jumping of Ricky Starks in the back. I know Archer is a monster heel but to me you don’t need to attack him in the back just do it in the ring.

Liked Ricky Starks rocking the hockey jersey good face touch wearing a devils jersey. Good way to get the crowd on your side. As for the actual match meh. Kind of lackluster for an opening match for rampage. The right guy went over I’m trying to understand why Archer is even over here his heel persona is much better in NJPW. Just my personal opinion.

Liked: hype video from Mox about his match with the Devil Himself MJF. I like how mox reflected on what has driven him to be the champion especially after he put his demons at Bay. That and I personally think that any thing MJF touches especially promo wise is gold and same goes for mox so def looking forward to this match.

Liked : interview with Jericho in Guevara , just for the fact that Guevara is making his voice heard in the JAS. Instead of being a sheep like everyone else in that faction.

Meh: Hook and Moriarty extremely underwhelming. Of course Hook wins because rampage is like his show. Wins via Redrum choke. Moriarity passes out.

Hated: Athena Vs Madison Rayne. What is AEW doing with, at one time some of the best women in pro wrestling. It’s like there was nothing as a base for this match. No enthusiasm, no story telling no psychology and I know for a fact both are capable. Athena win very underwhelming and not a fan of her heel run.

Loved : the Best friends promo setting up their match with the Factory on the pre show as Rocky Romero will join. Then Cassidy hands the QT Marshall a VHS yes the entertainment before DVDs. It shows hausen behind a film reel again something from the past but ends with teeth hitting the table. I was perplexed and it made me wanna tune into the pre show.

Loved: the vignette for the return of the House of Black and looks like they are bringing some new faces.

Pretty bad when my loves have been the backstage stuff. Bad showing Rampage

Liked : Konosuke Takeshita & Jun Akiyama vs. Eddie Kingston & Ortiz. I liked this because Eddie got the chance to wrestle one of his idols from DDT wrestling out of Japan. Rather sloppy match but I liked it for the nostalgia.

This was Likes and dislikes for AEW Rampage by Maaaark and as Fatman always says Thank you for reading.

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