LIkes and Dislikes of WWE SmackDown: World Cup match to remember and not talking soccer

Friday’s smackdown Eminates from Buffalo NY, at the sabres Arena whose name escapes me currently.

Liked-  the bloodline gloating about their victory and the Jey Sami acceptance.  They do the secret hand shake and they try to get Solo to join in.  Then It’s Fight night.  Sheamus , Butch, and Ridge show up.  Sheamus is going to fight Sami.  I really am liking the story line they have going on.  Sami and sheamus are brilliant in ring as expected.

Liked- Gunther Vs kofi- backstage promo.  Kofi says he doesn’t care who he fights.  Gunther volunteer.  Back and forth with some great wrestling.  Gunther debuts a new finisher called the Last Symphony.  Gunther wins

hated.  Shayna basler vs Emma.  I’m currently done with the Women’s smackdown division.  I just have no investment in it.  Shotzi comes out to save the day and bazler tries to bail out Emma.

Love- Bray’s promo explaining how it wasn’t him that attacked LA Knight.  He said he wanted to but claims  it wasn’t him.  He also said he can’t wait to get hands on LA Knight and shut him up for good


Like- LIV Morgan attacking Damage control.  She starts in knowing she was outnumbered, she gets a kindo stick and beats the hell out of damage Control.  When the numbers get too much for LIV Tegan Nox returns, long time partner of Dakota Kai.  I hope they start angle involving two because that was very good fued in NXT.


Ok-  looks like Karrion has tabbed Rey Mysterio as his next opponent.  This seems to have come out of now where.  So I guess we will have to wait and see how this unfolds


Ok-  Lacy Evans-  looks like a repackaging is going on a she reverts back to her military days.

Loved  – World Cup Final- Escobar Vs Ricochet.  These two put on the best match I have seen on smackdown in years.  It was back and forth the get go.  Both showed off agility as Ecobar hit a poison headscissor from barricade . Ricochet felt the effects as he slammed hard on his tail bone.  They both show incredible agility including a avalanche Poisonrama by Escobar but Ricochet lands on his feet.  Then Ricochet hits a few super kicks and then finishes Escobar with a 630 splash.  Winner Ricochet as he will face Gunther in Chicago in 2 weeks in Chicago.  As they go off air Gunther comes out and confronts Ricochet.

One of the best Smackdown episodes I have seen in a while.  Thank you for reading and I will be back again next week for another likes and dislikes article

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