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Fatman here back to bring you what I LIKED and DISLIKED from AEW Dynamite.

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Now that I shamelessly plugged everything, lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED for the 10/18/22 Title Tuesday episode of AEW Dynamite from the Heritage Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio!
Dynamite opens with the Trios Championship match with Death Triangle defending against Best Friend & Orange Cassidy. This match was your typical AEW Trios chaos. Which means that it was GREAT. Having Rey Fenix take the ring hammer way from PAC and telling him that he’s better than that is a nice little nugget thrown in. Death Triangle retain and the seeds have been planted for PAC to most likely turn on the Lucha Bros. I’m fine with that. PAC is a great heel and he really doesn’t need to be in a team. Plus, the Lucha Bros are the Lucha Bros.
The Interim Women’s Championship match between Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida was a good match. I was a little disappointed because these women could have done a better job in my eyes. After the match Rebel and Jamie Hayter PEARL HARBOR Shida and Storm. Britt Baker comes down with a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey on to get some cheap heat. Before she can do anything, Saraya comes down and she fights Britt. At this point, I’m thinking “Here we go again, the women’s champion is going to be an afterthought as Saraya can shine”. Well, I was WRONG. Ok, Sleazy, get the #towels ready because RIHO shows up and fights off Hayter. Having Riho back is GREAT. It upgrades the women’s division and you can also count on Ms. Small Package for quality matches.
So the Kingdom show up on Rampage, say that they held the ROH and IWGP Tag Title before FTR and fight with FTR. Wardlow and Joe help make the save. Now Wardlow and Joe are asking the Kingdom to pick one of their titles to face them? I think it’s pretty clear what titles they want. Are WarJoe (UGH) the enforcers for FTR? It’s like every team who tries to challenge them, they jump right in. They are the mini boss before the final boss. Except, the mini boss crashes you before you can even get to the final boss.
FTR is being interviewed in the back. They talk about how they have had the best year of their career. They have targets on their backs and since they are the #1 contenders, they want the AEW Tag Titles. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee show up. They mention how FTR have been top contenders for like 6 months and they NOW want a shot. This sets up a match next week between FTR and Swerve in Our Glory for the #1 contendership. UGH. So they are the #1 contenders after winning a #1 contenders match but they have to win another match to be #1 contenders? Its not FTR’s fault that they haven’t been booked on the show (STARES AT TONY KHAN). I’m surprised that WarJoe aren’t facing Swerve and Lee first. I mean, the match with be great and it gets FTR on the show sooooo cool?
Later in the show, The Acclaimed are backstage talking about how they will win the rights to “Scissor Me” when the beat Tony Nese and Josh Woods. Oh, by the way, the Acclaimed are putting up the AEW Tag Team Championship! AGAINST TONY NESE & JOSH WOOD. A TEAM THAT IS NOT THE #1 CONTENDERS!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING????????
And now the recurring segment in these weekly articles…
William Regal is in the ring to cut an interview when MJF comes down. MJF says that it’s story time. When MJF was 19 he got a tryout match with WWE. He impressed the likes of Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Adam Pearce, and William Regal. Regal took MJF into a room and told him that he has 3 minutes to sell himself and boy did he ever. Regal told him that he had the job. Well, apparently not because when MJF told Regal that he was 19, Regal told him that was far too young. But he will put his name on him when he becomes of age. Regal told him to email him once a month with updates on his progress. MJF did that and got thanks as replies. However on the third month, Regal said that he was a busy man and to not show him his acting school. Regal said that WWE only hires the best talent so when you become one, you can start sending me stuff. MJF said that Regal squandered MJF’s dream. This depressed MJF. To the point where he wanted to quit and business and kill himself. However, if he did that, they would win. MJF said that now the tables have turned as MJF is a generational talent and Regal’s men would to put pen to paper in “the bidding war of 2024”.
Regal said that he was fighting grown men at 16 to get into this business. Regal said that he show fire in MJF’s eyes and saw he was going to be a big star. Regal said that if that email got him to this place then it worked. Regal said that MJF let him down by taking shortcuts and that having lets of money doesn’t prove anything. Regal said that if you are the devil, do it right, and beat someone is front of you. Regal turns around and wants MJF to hit him. MJF doesn’t and Regal tells MJF that he has a lot to prove.
WOW, ok. SOOOOO much to unpack there. For starters, why are you even mentioning WWE by name on you shows? Secondly, MJF’s dream is to wrestle in WWE. Which he said, ON AEW TELEVISION. Thirdly, 19 years old is too young? MJF said that he is 26. So he was 19 seven years ago. Which would be 2015. WWE had the performance center up and running for 2 years at that point! Also, 2 years after that, WWE put the United Kingdom Title on Tyler Bate…A 19 YEAR OLD. Fourthly, and this goes with point 3, if Regal say MJF was going to be big star, why wouldn’t he sign him? Why wouldn’t he go to bat for him? Again, the PC was there. Fifthly, why are you making MJF out to be this depressed man? THAT’S NOT MJF. He’s a cocky rich brat. NOT emo Peter Parker. Sixthly, bitching about MJF taking shortcuts when Regal HIMSELF used brass knuckle (AND STILL DOES) is soooo fucking asinine. Also to add to that point, you are disappointed that MJF didn’t hit you from behind? Isn’t that a shortcut? The ONE thing that makes sense is MJF being pissed that Regal didn’t sign him because he was too young. And even THAT doesn’t make any sense for the story the are telling. Oh, were aren’t done….
After the main event (which I’ll get to in at the end), MJF goes to cash in his chip but he hands it to Regal, runs up the ramp and grabs a mic. MJF says that he’s going to cash the chip in but he wants Moxley (spoiler) at 110% so there aren’t any excuse. MJF says that he is cashing in the chip at Full Gear. UGH. THAT IS NOT MJF. MJF doesn’t care if you are 100% just as long as MJF gets what he wants. NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE.
Jay Lethal and Darby Allin are in the back. Lethal said that he wants a rematch because Allin’s win was a fluke. Dott and Lethal attack Allin and put a garage door on Allin’s ribs. The attack was fine but this doesn’t make any sense. In their last match, Lethal’s own men distracted him and Allin got the win. After the match, Lethal was pissed about being distracted and actually shook Allin’s hand! I….UGH.
Daniel Bryanson and Wheeler Yuta are being interviewed and Danielson said that he had high hopes for Daniel Garcia and that Garcia could be the best wrestler he ever seen. Yuta asked Danielson how he didn’t see Garcia turning on him coming. Yuta said that the Blackpool Combat Club is everything for Moxley, Claudio, and himself and I guess it doesn’t mean anything to him. Short and to the point. Danielson really doesn’t need to be in a group. Moxley really doesn’t either. So if they break up the BCC, I’m ok with that. It’s not like they have been portrayed as this tight nit group anyways. Or maybe this is a way for them to get close. Either way works.
I HATE that I’m disliking a Dalton Castle match but this match SUCKED ASS. It was boring. How on Earth is a Dalton Castle match boring? It went WAY TOO LONG also. I don’t know but I thought Dalton and Jericho would put on a banger but it was such a dud. Jericho winning clear was….weird? Isn’t he suppose to be the guy who tears down the Honor of Ring of Honor? The post match wasn’t great either with Jericho going to attack Ian Riccaboni but Jerry Lynn makes the save and gets a piledriver on the ramp for his troubles.
First: Christian Cage tells the whole AEW roster that Luchasaurus is coming for gold.
Second: Jade Cargill wants her TBS Title back and is going to hijack Rampage until she gets it.
Again, short and to the point. You don’t always need overly long promos to get your point across.
This is a dislike because of the injury to Adam Page. It’s super unfortunate and I hope he will be ok. The bump he took didn’t look out of normal. He did hit his head on the guard rail and Mox did hit him with some super stiff forearms to the head. Now, I’m not saying that Mox did it on purpose. It’s just the way he works. It could have be a compounding thing leading up to that point. We don’t know. But man, AEW can’t catch a break with these injuries. It seems like they have been snakebit this year. Again, I hope Page is going to be ok and I’ll look forward to seeing him in the ring when he can.
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