LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Friday Night Smackdown: Get the…Chairs?

Fatman here with another edition of what I LIKED and DISLIKED from this weeks WWE Friday Night Smackdown from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio.

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Shameless plugs done so now lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED for the 10/21/22 episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown!
Smackdown opens with FIGHT NIGHT as Sheamus takes on Solo Sikoa. The match was good with Solo working over Sheamus’ arm throughout the match. The Bloodline take out Ridge and Butch so Sami grabs Sheamus’ foot so Solo can hit his finish and win. After the match the Bloodline attack Sheamus and they put his arm in a chair. Jey Uso goes NUTS on Sheamus’s arm with a chair. So much so that Sami Zayn had to make him stop.
Later in the show, the Bloodline are celebrating Solo’s win. They said that they just sent a message to the entire locker room. Jey wants to send a similar message to Logan Paul later. Sami said that per Roman, they aren’t to get involved with Logan Paul. Jey yelled that he was hot headed and we’ll see what happens later.
In the main event segment, Logan Paul comes out and cuts kind of a heel promo. He said that people have doubted him his whole life and calls the fans “dummies”. He says he’s the underdog and what happens if he beats Roman. That’s when Jey attacks from behind. He beats up Paul then Sami shows up. Sami tells him to leave and it’s not what Roman wanted. Jey ignores Sami and goes to attack Paul again but Paul knocks him out with one punch. NO ONE thinks Paul is going to win at Crown Jewel so this was done to make Paul look like a threat. I don’t think it worked but at least they are trying to build him up and plant some seeds of doubt.
Bray Wyatt cuts a quick promo about how he has had problems with anger. The anger takes him to dark places. He says that now he can see. He can see “who you are” and what they are trying to do but it won’t work. He said that we will do horrible things that he won’t feel sorry for. He said that he is the servant now and then winked at the camera.
Late in the show, a video shows the masked man saying how you lie to the ones you love. Then they show someone saying “Howdy”. That’s the debut of Uncle Howdy. This will be a slow burn which is great. No need to rush this. Let us be along for the journey.
What they are doing with Liv Morgan is strange. She loses the Smackdown Women’s Title to Ronda Rousey in an Extreme Rules match. Now, she wants to go extreme? Like, THIS is what her build should have been for her match with Ronda. Now she’s facing Sonya Deville and she’s fighting to a double countout because she likes to go extreme? Then she grabs half a dozen chairs and hits a superplex onto the chair and laughing? I don’t get it.
Braun Strowman comes down and calls out Omos. MVP shows up. They exchange words. Braun calls Omos a “so called giant” which is hilarious to me for some reason. Omos comes down and stands over Braun. Omos just pushes him and leaves. COOL
Drew McIntyre (somehow not in jail for ATTEMPTED MURDER) is interviewed backstage and said that upper management wasn’t happy about last week (Legal Team probably wasn’t happy either). He said that Karrion Kross pushed him passed his breaking point but he will have a steel cage match with Kross at Crown Jewel. It keeps Scarlett from interfering so my guess is that Drew gets his win back.
The Women’s Tag Team Title match was pretty good actually. I had very low expectations for this one. Raquel Rodriguez is still pretty green while Shotzi is…Sleazy’s Daughter? I honestly think Sleazy would have done a better job than she has and the dude’s blood is straight up ketchup. She hasn’t look very good in the past few week. However, both stepped up their game and gave their best efforts in MONTHS in this match. Damage Control gets win due to the damn “NUMBERS GAME”. But again, really good match. Hopefully they can keep it up.
I’ll lump in the two quick promos here. The first is the Ronda Rousey promo. It’s a full heel promo saying that she will have an Open Challenge next week but not in Ohio. I liked it because she’s been a heel the whole time doing heel actions but cutting face promos. Now she is an ACTUAL heel.
The other is Legado del Fantasma pretty much saying that they will destroy Hit Row. They show Hit Row and they are sick of getting jumped from behind. Next week will be a Trios match between to the teams with Hit Row having a mystery partner. Again, these promos are short and simple. They get to the point. You don’t need 10-15 minute promos all the time to advance stories.
Rey Mysterio v. Ludwig Kaiser was great. It also told a good story. Imperium kept interfering on behalf of Kaiser. Rey pulls the Eddie Guerrero and pretends to get hit with a chair from GUNTHER. The ref throws them out and Rey gets the win. Simple story progression. Good stuff.
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