LIKED and DISLIKED for AEW Dynamite: Good, If Not Uneventful

Fatman here with another edition of LIKED and DISLIKED for AEW Dynamite.

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Shameless plugs are done, now lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 10/26/22 episode of AEW Dynamite from the Chartway Arena in Norfolk, Virginia!
The opening tag match between Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta v. Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia was good. There really isn’t much to say about it. Claudio getting the win over Jericho was the right call. After the match, Bryan Danielson is in the “Mongo Position” (?) saying that he was frustrated that Garcia turned his back on him and he’s frustrated that Yuta yelled back to him. Danielson said he was going to take his frustrations out on Sammy Guevara. Yuta walks up and says that it’s good that Danielson is mad. Claudio gets between them and says that after Danielson’s match, they need to all get together and talk.
Danielson v. Guevara was another good match and again, there really wasn’t much to say about it. Danielson winning was again, the right call. I’ll have more about the Blackpool Combat Club in the main event segment.
There was a vignette showing what the Elite has done in AEW with them getting deleted out of the images. It’s a creative way to bring them back. It’s different and unique. I’m interested in seeing where it goes. I’m assuming they come back against Death Triangle for the Trios Titles.
FTR v. Swerve in Our Glory was really good. The Gunn Club was dressed up as FTR at ringside and of course, they played a part in the finish. Swerve hits a low blow, Gunn Club hold Wheeler back, and Swerve in Our Glory gets a very surprising win. Look, I’ve been very critical of how Tony Khan has booked (or lack there of) FTR but I think they need to do more surprises like that. Where match outcomes where you think is obvious, you throw a curveball.
Saraya is backstage getting interviewed when Britt Baker shows but and they start yelling. Renee Paquette yells and them and tells them to talk properly. Britt leaves.
I hate that I wasn’t a fan of Riho v. Jamie Hayter. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. Maybe I was expecting more. Hayter gets the win. Toni Storm comes out and poses with the Women’s Title and…that’s it? Maybe it was me, but I was expecting more. Kind of a tame women’s segment after all the chaos.
And now for the repeated segment in these articles…
MJF comes down and cuts a face promo about how he “promises” that he wont use his Dynamite Diamond Ring in his match with Moxley at Full Gear because he doesn’t need it. Stokely Hathaway says that he understands he wants Moxley at 100% so he wont lay a hand on him. MJF says that if he does, he’ll fire him.
Moxley v. Penta El Zero Miedo was another good match that you really can’t as much more about. After the match, The Firm comes down and attacks Moxley. Blackpool Combat Club is shown locked in their locker room so they can’t help Moxley. MJF comes down and he doesn’t know what to do. He eventually comes and fires The Firm. So Ethan Page and the rest of the Firm beat the shit out of MJF. Morrissey chokes MJF through a table as Dynamite goes off the air.
Ok, so, this hasn’t been as nonsensical as recent weeks but it still doesn’t make sense. MJF hires The Firm to get ahead, he gets ahead and then MJF is pissed that they continue to do what MJF paid them to do? MJF NEVER cared how he won but now that he is so close to being a World Champion, he cares? THAT’S NOT MJF!! Also, I know the fans are cheering MJF but WHY ARE YOU TURNING HIM FACE? I have this feeling that MJF is going to “turn” back heel at Full Gear and all of this is going to be utterly pointless and a fucking waste of time.
I’ll end the article with the multiple short backstage interviews and vignettes that took place.
1. Jericho being upset that he lost to Claudio so he issues an open challenge for next week against any ROH Champion
2. Matt Taven challenging Wardlow for the TNT Title on Rampage.
3. Rey Fenix wanting an All-Atlantic Title shot. Christian Cage with Luchasaurus shows up and says that Luchasaurus should get the title shot. That leads Orange Cassidy to come in and say lets do this.
4. Eddie Kingston just talking for a minute.
The Kingston one is the only one where it seems super out of place and there was zero substance to it. Again, it gets everyone on the show without a match and they advance stories.
Overall, it was a pretty good episode of AEW Dynamite. The matches were good if not uneventful. They advanced stories well (for the most part). That’s really all you want out of a wrestling show.
If you agree of disagree, please leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading!

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