LIKED and DISLIKED from 9/30/33 WWE Smackdown: Tongan Jim Kishi Anderson

Fatman here for another edition of LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Smackdown. These Smackdown ones will most likely be posted on Mondays due to the fact it’s football season. Also, playoff baseball is right around the corner as well as the NHL regular season near. I’ll try to post the WWE Raw articles on Tuesdays and the AEW Dynamite ones on Thursdays.  Now let’s get into the 9/30/22 WWE Smackdown from the Canada Life Centre (Why do Canadian’s spell things wrong?) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!



Smackdown opens with Madcap Moss & Ricochet v. The Bloodline’s true MVP Sami Zayn and their “Enforcer” Tongan Jim Kishi Anderson. Dude comes out look like a cross between Samoa Joe and Rikishi. I mean, it’s not that far fetched. Rikishi is his father and he is Samoan. The match wasn’t bad for what is was. The Bloodline won and Solo Sikoa looks like their Arn Anderson. Backstage, Solo and Sami go to their locker room where Mr. Jealous Jey Uso comes out. He says that Sami has everyone in his family fooled but not him. Sami says that he should talk to Roman about that.



Backstage, the wonderful Kayla Braxton interviewed the doofus Austin Theory. Kayla asked him when he’s going to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Theory said that he learned from his mistakes from SummerSlam and Clash at the Castle. Theory mocked McIntyre for losing at Clash at the Castle. McIntyre hears all of this and challenges Theory. That match lasts only 2 minutes until Otis from Alpha Academy interferences. They beat down Drew till Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens show up. That leads to a 6 Man in the main event which was fun. Drew gets the win for his team and makes him look strong going into Extreme Rules.



For the second week in a row, Smackdown devotes THREE (3) backstage segments to nothingness. This time with the Maximum Male Models. Max Dupri walks up on his Models and Maxxine. The Models are going to break the Canadian record for longest pose. Max doesn’t like his models being models so he walks away in disgust. Later they show the Models posing with Sonya Deville and Shinsuke Nakamura looking at them ad walking away. The last segment shows them about to break the record when Max attacks Mansoor. Max says that this isn’t him and it never was. He takes his belt off and says “Yeah” and leaves. That’s the end of Max Dupri and the return of LA Knight. I honestly think that the members of creative made a bet on what’s the most ridiculous way on getting Nakamura on the show.



Hit Row v. Los Lotharios was nothing more than a squash. It really didn’t do anything for either team and it was a complete waste of time this week and the 3 damn ass segments from last week.



Imperium’s interview was generic as it gets. I’m going to win next week and at Extreme Rules, blah blah blah. That brings out Sheamus who is alone due to the Brutes being stuck in Florida due to Hurricane Ian. Sheamus takes on Imperium 3-on-1 and it obviously doesn’t go well for him. The segment worked in making Sheamus have “fighting spirit” going into his IC Title match next week.



Ronda Rousey calls Liv Morgan “Hooter Barbie” and says that she’s the Most Dangerous Women on the Planet without a weapon so what does she become with a bat in her hand. Ronda then shows off her “skills” but having a 5 minute match with Natalya that couldn’t be more meh. After Rousey gets the win, Morgan comes down with a bat and they play some fun games with it like fetch and tug-of-war. They “fight” for a bit with Kenny for the Spirit Squad looking on. It’s meant to make Liv look like she’s “Extreme” but it didn’t work in my opinion. She needed to get more offense in (especially with weapons) on Ronda and not just rolling around on the ground with her.



Shotzi v. Bayley was….not good. Sleazy’s real life fake daughter continues to look like…her real life fake father. As in slow, sloppy, and stumbling over nothing. Bayley tries to attack Shotzi with a ladder when Bianca Belair makes the save and the two fight over doing moves to each other on said ladder. They looked like two monkeys fighting over a banana. It looked SO BAD. It didn’t make me want to see them in a ladder match.

That’s it for my LIKED and DISLIKED from 9/30/22 WWE Smackdown. Look out tomorrow for my Raw article!


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