Liked and Disliked: WWE Raw 11/21/22

Hey all, Sleazy here.  Fatman’s wrist is giving out, so I’m going to be covering for him for a while.  Hopefully, this article won’t be about gushing over our favorites like the marks we are and off color jokes about my love for Asians and Women’s Wrestling.

Here is my Liked and Disliked for WWE Raw in Albany NY ( HEY I KNOW THAT ARENA!) for November 21st, 2022.


This should come as no surprise, but I loved this promo.  I think it’s important to really put the work here from a storyline perspective.  I think his history with Sami will obviously play a role in the match, but he did a great job in showing why he is a legit threat to Roman’s title and why he would want to do this in the first place. The rest of the team coming out and saying that they are ready to fight was a nice touch, but I think Kevin coming out himself was a big thing that needed to be done.



Having Judgement Day come out here and take a loss to this team is dumb. While understandable, making The Brutes look like they have a chance against the Bloodline ( Spoiler: ROMAN OVER STRONG) kinda nerfs what they have been doing with the Judgement Day in general.  The last thing this group needs is a rep for being the jobber team when the Next Important Team® needs a victory. They are doing good things with them – why did we need to see them basically get jobbed out  – even with Finn taking a shot from Owens?

DISLIKED: Johnny Beatdown!

I know I don’t watch the product, but what the hell is all of this?  Why do we care that the Miz faked his own kidnapping? And why does Omos like beating up on little guys? Stick with me on the next episode of As The Heel Turns.


Okay, maybe we had Theory wrong here.  His turnabout in the last two weeks has been an amazing transformation.  He needed this – the way things were going for him his stock would have been lower than M4n;S0Or by the end of the year.  Instead they have created this new vicious version of Austin Theory, which honestly I’m really digging.  The promo was nice and just getting in there and having a quick match with Ali was great as well.  Seth putting him over in his promo is also going to help him a ton – I’m really looking forward to the triple threat.

LIKED: Chicken Salad

Alpha Academy’s gonna be the team that dethrones the Bloodline, right?  They absolutely should,  Gable is out there week in and week out making things like this tag match work.  Why do we care that a rando pairing of Elias and Riddle are a thing?  Alpha Academy. The match was perfectly okay, I don’t really understand the pairing, but whatever works to get King Weed on the show.

LIKED: Corbin and JBL spitting truth about Albany ( Don’t @ me)

I liked this segment.  Apparently this has been a thing running now, and it works, it’s a little nod to the APA of old, but it also makes sense since Corbin’s winnings came from Vegas. The interaction with Drew and the subsequent match was decent ( if kinda ruined by the gaga at the end).  So I’m giving it all a Like.


The promo and the Brawl was meh.  Don’t forget the Judgement day took a L on this show, so we have to make sure they beat up the OC to get their heat back.  I do like the Yim-Rhea pairing, and both of them will likely be the next generation propping up the women’s division in 6-12 months for certain.

LIKED: ASUKA <3 In the MAIN EVENT or DISKLIKED: Everything else

Heel’s always gonna get the advantage in WarGames.  It’s a time honored tradition. Why you gotta do that to my gurl Asuka though? I like the promo before about how Belair is just throwing Asuka to the wolves which is, frankly, exactly what happened. Not for nothing, but they did do a good job of getting me invested in this match, because it seems like we have done this enough times that I really am losing interest. Hopefully after all of this we can get past this angle and get  on to something different.

That’s it for me!  I will likely be your RAW commentator for a bit while Fatman heals up, so stick around!

The Man The Call….. Sleazy.

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