LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw: Treat or Trick?

Fatman here with another edition of what I LIKED and DISLIKED from WWE Monday Night Raw.

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Shameless plugs aside, lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 10/31/22 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas!
Raw opens with Bianca Belair v. Nikki Cross. The match was an ok match for a house show. Damage Control shows up at ringside. Bayley runs Belair into the post so Cross takes out Damage Control but loses after Belair hits the KOD. So instead of attacking Cross (who attacked them) Damage Control attacks Belair until a returning Asuka and Alexa Bliss (mmmm) show up to make the save.
Backstage after the match, Alexa and Asuka want a Women’s Tag Title Match tonight. Later in the show, the show Damage Control sitting with…Nikki Cross? You know, the women who attacked them the past two weeks. Huh?
The women’s tag title match was good. Alexa and Asuka winning the titles was a little shocking. I would have guessed that Kai & SKY would retain and Bayley would win the Raw Women’s Title at Crown Jewel. But hey, I’m happy my girl Alexa is back.
Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley were set for a sit down interview backstage. Lashley was there but no Brock. Brock shows up to the ring and wants a fight. Lashley comes out and they have a pull apart brawl with even Triple H showing up to try to separate them. It’s a decent way to build to their match on Saturday.
Austin Theory v. Seth Rollins was match for the night in a walk. These two have great chemistry with Rollins getting the win. It was a heel v heel match or was it? Seth didn’t change anything he was doing but he was (and has been) getting cheered a ton lately. Maybe putting him in there with Theory would make him a face? I don’t know but I guess we’ll see where it goes.
Roman Reigns comes out to cut a promo. He says that by the time Crown Jewel is done, you will see more of an “Ucey” Jey Uso. Reigns talks about being the GOAT and Heyman will do his talking for him. Heyman hypes the match with Logan Paul at Crown Jewel when the Miz shows up. Miz doesn’t want any problems and he wants to make a deal. Roman helps Miz with his stalker and Miz helps Roman with Logan Paul. Roman questions why everyone is talking about Paul knocking him out. Roman then knocks out the Miz. Speaking for the Miz…
Miz has a match with Mustafa Ali (after trying to get out of it by selling his jaw after getting punched by Reigns). The match was…not good. I give WWE preps for trying to do something with someone was talented as Ali but the crowd doesn’t care. Lumis interferes and Ali wins.
Later, Johnny Gargano tells Miz “big secret” and its just about was dumb as you’d expect. Lumis’ motive is that when he got fired by WWE, Lumis needed money so Miz hired him to attack him because that’s what celebrities do? Well, Miz stopped paying him (because Miz finally realized it was really stupid) so Lumis started to attack him for real. LIKE WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!?!?!?!? To me, Miz is helping the guy by throwing him money for doing really nothing. Miz broke it off and now Lumis is attacking him? WHO IS THE HEEL HERE?!?!?!?
Damien Priest v. Karl Anderson was meh. Anderson gets the win with a backslide? COOL. The Judgment Day attacks and get the advantage due to the “Numbers Game”. I know they are making Rhea into this beast but it’s starting to get old when you are doing the same thing every week. Not saying that the Judgment Day shouldn’t look strong but it seems like it’s a rinse and repeat with the Judgment Day lately. Please do something different.
MVP says that Braun can show off all the strength he wants but he will find out at Crown Jewel that he won’t measure up to Omos. Or Strowman may find out sooner since MVP will be at Smackdown with a surprise of Braun. God, I REALLY hope it’s the clearance nWO jobbers I mentioned a few weeks ago.
JBL comes down and does his typical promo by running down *insert city*. Baron Corbin comes down and does an AWFUL promo (why is JBL there if you are going to let Corbin cut promos this bad?) about how the fans love him and that’s the truth. That brings out R-Truth to mock their “Halloween Costumes” so he gets beat down. To me, that wasn’t an effective way to build Corbin up.
I’m not a comedy wrestling guy but Otis v. Matt Riddle was FUN. Otis and Chad Gable coming out as Chip N’ Dale dancers from a 30 yr old Saturday Night Live skit was super dated but man, they made it work! Otis staying in that gimmick the whole was proves why WWE was high on him a few years ago. He can be SO entertaining! Riddle dressing up as Elias was fun also. Riddle gets the win of course. I want Otis to do what Big Show did like 20 years ago and just come out every week in a different gimmick. Imagine the possibilities!!
If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment below.
As always, thanks for reading!

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