LIKED and DISLIKED for AEW Dynamite: Keep It Simple

Fatman here with another edition of LIKED and DISLIKED for AEW Dynamite.

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Shameless plugs aside, lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 11/9/22 episode of AEW Dynamite from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts!


Dynamite opens with an eight man tag between FTR & The Acclaimed versus The Gunn & Swerve in Our Glory. Swerve wants a high five from Keith Lee but Lee just gives him a look. Throughout the match, Swerve was trying to get on the same page as Lee with Lee being super reluctant. It’s the little things that like that that will lead to them breaking up (most likely at Full Gear). There was also a little tease between FTR and The Acclaimed that will most likely lead to a match between them. The faces get the win. AEW does the simple stuff really well. It’s when they want to do complicated storytelling where they fall off a cliff. Speaking of which…


MJF “isn’t cleared to travel” so he travels to do a podcast (???) to promote his match with Moxley at Full Gear. MJF does a heel promo while still putting Moxley over as a threat. I (as always) still don’t understand what the hell they are doing with MJF. He is NOT a tweener. Let him be a fucking heel already! Plus, not having him in the arena was really dumb. If he’s one of your biggest draws, you NEED to have him AT the shows.

Later in the show, Moxley comes down and says that MJF reminds him of him. He says that MJF wants to look like a world champion but he dresses in JC Penney (while Mox is dressed like a homeless man sooo….UGH). Mox says that while MJF calls himself the Devil, he has seen the Devil and MJF is no devil. I…still don’t get this. MJF puts Mox over while Mox is not making MJF a threat. If that is by design, it’s really stupid. We all know that MJF is going to cheat to win because Regal wants him too? Like…this whole thing is just really stupid.



Ethan Page v. “The King of the 2 Star Match” Eddie Kingston had a…2 star match (SURPRISE). It went longer than it should. At least the right kid died. If MJF is winning the title, Ethan Page should win this tournament. If Moxley wins…ETHAN PAGE SHOULD WIN THIS TOURNAMENT.



Wardlow squashes Ari Daivari. After the match, Wardlow calls out Powerhouse Hobbs. But then Samoa Joe attacks Wardlow from behind. Umm….??? Joe then gives Hobbs a look to make sure that they aren’t working together. This is another thing where I’m just like….*shrugs shoulders* You tease a feud between Wardlow and Hobbs. Now you are throwing Joe in the mix? Why? You are overcomplicating things. You just wasted a month by having them team and break up this fast. The impact of the turn just wasn’t there because you didn’t get fans invested in them yet. It’s hotshotting an angle just cuz.


Britt Baker and Saraya went “Face to Face”. Saraya says she is 100% cleared. Then she cuts a promo on how she has been in the business for 17 years and Britt has only been on TV for 3 years. She said that she is nothing. Then she attacks Britt and challenges her to a match at Full Gear. I REALLY hope Saraya is actually 100% cleared. I have my doubts given AEW’s dubious history with their doctors. I hope we doesn’t get hurt. I also don’t understand why they would be like “Pfft, you are nothing so fight me”. You aren’t putting Britt over as a threat. I kind of actually wanna see Britt win. It would be GREAT. But she doesn’t have a chance.

I’ll lump in Jamie Hayter v. Sky Blue here also. Hayter gets the win so she can “keep her momentum going” heading into Full Gear. Sky Blue has done NOTHING and with Hayter getting a title shot, there was NO WAY Jay Briscoe was winning the ROH World Title here. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I’m disliking it because the match was meh.



Jay Lethal beat Trent Beretta in an extended squash match. After the match, Jeff Jarrett comes out and puts over Lethal, Dutt, & Singh. He also takes a shot at WWE. Now, this is what I have a problem with. Why go there? I also don’t think it’s Jeff’s idea. The Jeff Jarrett of now is a standup guy. I really think Tony Khan is the one feeding him lines like that. Khan really does want to be the new WCW with stupid shit like this. MAKE YOUR PRODUCT BETTER instead of bashing the company that is CLEARLY better than you in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.



1. Rush said that when he wins the tournament, he will give the Dark Order’s 10 a World Title shot but won’t let any other Dark Order members get title shots.

2. Before his match, Lethal gives money to Kole Carter and QT Marshall for dressing up like Sting last week (which Tony Schiavone is STILL confused over). Best Friends show up and that leads to Orange Cassidy putting his title on the line against Lee Johnson on Rampage.

3. Jungle Boy has a challenge for Christian Cage and Luchasaurus on Rampage

4. There is a promo that hints at the Elite showing up at Full Gear

5. Brian Cage, Dante Martin, Lance Archer, and Ricky Starks all have vignettes about the World Title Eliminator tournament.

Simple and effective. It’s what AEW does best.



This is going to be a bit controversial but I didn’t like Danielson v Guevara. So Sammy hits Danielson with a chair and that causes a DQ (which is should) HOWEVER, how many times has wrestlers put people throw tables, and hit each other with weapons and the refs just don’t care. It even happens IN THIS MATCH! Right after the chair spot, Guevara uses the mic to bust open Danielson’s eye! RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF. Shouldn’t that have been a second DQ? Shouldn’t have Danielson won the match there? SOOOOO FUCKING DUMB. Tay Melo even interferes RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF. *facepalm* The wrestling was great but the psychology was TRASH. This is a fucking Bryan Danielson match! The psychology SHOULD NOT be this bad!!!! Danielson wins which I actually thought was the wrong move. Having Sammy win here would have been a more interesting story.

Overall, this was not a good episode of Dynamite. AEW just needs to keep thing simple.

If you agree or disagree, please comment below and AS ALWAYS…THANKS FOR READING!

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