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Fatman here with another episode of LIKED and DISLIKED for WWE Monday Night Raw.

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Shameless plugs aside, now lets get into what I LIKED and DISLIKED from the 11/7/22 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania!


Raw opens with The Usos and Solo Sikoa. They talk about how they beat the Brutes at Crown Jewel. They said that they will beat the New Day on Smackdown to be the longest WWE Tag Team Champions. This, of course, brings out the New Day. The New Day said that they will win on Smackdown and still be the longest reigning tag champs. The Usos give the New Day their props. Saying they have done it all from win titles, have a popular YouTube channel, and be Netflix stars. They said all that to be the second best team. Woods says that the Usos are chasing them. He says that they had to work their asses off each and every week to keep their jobs while the Usos didn’t have to worry about that because of who their family is. Pressure is what made The New Day into diamonds. The Usos made a joke about King Woods. The Usos said that Kofi should just stay home with his kids. Kofi said that quitting isn’t an option and it will show his kids to never give up. Then Matt Riddle comes down with his bongs? He mentions that him and Elias and starting a band to Woods. Jey tells him to shut up. Riddle said that he’s not being “ucey” and he should “hit is bong”. Everyone (even Jimmy but not Solo) hits his “bongs”. Jey slaps his bongs. That makes Riddle really made and said “No man slaps my bongs”. But…isn’t that what you do though? This was a complete tonal shift to the New Day promo and it really took me out of it. They were hyping up the tag title match for Friday with his passionate promo and then went right into comedy? I don’t get it. Anyways, this somehow leads to a 6 man tag match that was very uninspiring. The segment and match took up most of the first hour and it was mostly just jarring to me. The last 5 minutes were good but everything else in the match was just meh. Solo pins Riddle to get the win which I also have a problem with. The whole point to this was to further set up the tag title match on Friday. So you have the two people not involved in the match on Friday make and take the fall here? It made Solo look like a beast. HOWEVER, you still could have done that and have Jimmy or Jey make the fall. It didn’t make any sense to me and was kind of dumb.


JBL does his normal “rip the town to get cheat heat” promo. Corbin beats Cedric Alexander in like two minutes. Corbin’s competition has decreased week to week. Isn’t that kind of backwards on what you are suppose to do? Dumb booking.


*SMACKS FOREHEAD* OK. Let’s get this over with. UGH. Seth Rollins issues an open challenge for the United States Title. The Judgment Day comes down. Finn Balor says that years ago, Rollins cost him gold (YOU TOOK THE BUMP WRONG FINN), so he’s going to cost Rollins gold. So it looks like Balor is accepting the challenge. That brings out the OC. They have a stare down. Rollins sneaks away. The OC said that they still haven’t find someone to handle their Rhea problem. She found them! A woman attacks Rhea from behind and it’s a returning Mia Yim (Sleazy needs all the #towels). They brawl with the OC getting the upper hand.
Rollins comes out later and says that he still has an open challenge. Mustafa Ali shows up on the screen and accepts. Then Ali gets destroyed by Bobby Lashley. Lashley said he is going to come down and take back his US Title. Lashley comes down and kicks the shit out of Rollins before the bells rings. Officials comes down and stop Lashley. They send him to the back. Then Austin Theory comes down (he beat Shelton Benjamin earlier in the show). Theory then CASHES IN HIS MONEY IN THE BANK?!?!?!?? He hits his big moves on Rollins who keeps kicking out (after getting DESTROYED by Lashley). Theory hits A-Town Down but Lashley pulls the ref out. Lashley then fucks Theory up (right in front of the ref who somehow lost all his HP but getting his leg pulled). They do a countout but Theory makes it in by 9 but eats a Stomp and Rollins wins.
OK, SOOOOOO much to unpack here.
1. Theory cashing in Money in the Bank…on the US Champ? WHAT?!?!?!?!?! That’s not how Money in the Bank works. At least that’s not how we as fans were told how Money in the Bank works. 17 years of history shows that is NOT how it works. This makes Theory look really really stupid.
2. What makes Theory look EVEN WORSE was that the bell in the Open Challenge didn’t ring! Therefore, he cashed in his Money in the Bank in a fucking OPEN CHALLENEGE!!!
3. Let’s keep this theme going. Theory couldn’t beat Rollins after hitting his big moves AND after Lashley fucked Rollins up. This whole thing makes Theory look like a fucking goober. If HHH wasn’t high on Theory, ok, fine. But to treat him like this is completely unnecessary and really isn’t fair. They could of had him try to cash in on Reigns at Crown Jewel and lose. That would have been 100,000x better than what they did. They 100% nerfed him for NO REASON. It was one of the dumbest things I’ve EVER SEEN in wrestling. I’m being dead serious when I say that. It’s mind boggling. It really is.


Otis winning over Elias was the right call. Alpha Academy needs to win every now and then to seem credible. Otis is really good so lets hope it keeps the momentum going.


Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss (mmm) come down. Belair says that she is proud that to have won at Crown Jewel. But their issues with Damage Control is far from over. Damage Control comes out and says that Belair hasn’t beaten Bayley but Bayley has pinned Belair twice. They says that they won the tag title twice. Io and Asuka make Sleazy cum but talking shit to each other in Japanese. They brawl with the face teams standing tall. They challenge Damage Control to Wargames! Nikki Cross attacks Belair from behind and the heels stand tall. Chip said something in our group chat about this is a way for Naomi and Sasha (MMMMM) to come back. I didn’t think so but the more I think about it, the more I think he’s right. It would be the perfect way for them to return.
That’s not it for Nikki as she won the 24/7 Title from Dana Brook later in the show. After the match, Cross goes to throw the title in the trash but she missed and it just landed on the floor! OOPS. I think that’s the end of the 24/7 Title. I was never a fan of it so I think it’s for the best but I think they could have come up with a better way to get rid of it.


Miz comes out and tells the world that Johnny Gargano is a liar. He is going to sue him for defamation. But he did meet with a producer who wants to tell the story of the Miz. Gargano comes out and says that the producer was actually a private investigator and when they meet with Miz, they were wearing a hidden camera. They show the footage and Miz does admit that he paid Lumis. He also admitted that he stopped because it was getting too serious with the cops getting involved. Wait…what? Lumis was still attacking him AFTER he stopped paying him so why would the cops NOT be involved anymore? THIS MAKES NO SENSE. This leads to a match between Miz and Gargano. It was…an ok match for a house show. Miz wins when he acts like he was pulled under the ring, grabs a steel piece of turnbuckle, and hits Gargano with it. Lumis attacks Miz with a chair and security FINALLY chases Lumis out. Can…can….can we PLEASE end this piece of shit, nonsensical feud NOW.
Overall, this is the WORST episode of Raw under the HHH era. This was also one of the DUMBEST episodes of wrestling I’ve seen in a very, very, very, long time and AEW has been around! You are better than this WWE!!
If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment below and as always…THANKS FOR READING!

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